Fresh, Locally Sourced Produce Located in Tampa, FL

In 1894, the Bearss family settled land in what is now North Tampa.  Over 100 acres of that land became orange groves and was passed down through generations. Today we’re a proud supplier of fresh local produce for the Tampa area.

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Juice season begins in early November each year. We have a juicing facility on-site that supplies fresh squeezed orange, tangerine and grapefruit juices. Our juice has only one ingredient: fresh, local Florida citrus. There are no additives and it is not pasteurized. Stop by and try a free sample! It is a true Florida treat!

Fresh Florida Produce

We pride ourselves in supporting the local agriculture and business communities. Not only will you save on your grocery bill, but you will be eating the best quality produce. If the season is right, vegetables from our very own pesticide-free garden are also available.

fresh florida produce

Customer Reviews

This place is perfect for young people on a budget. I get the best produce in town for the lowest prices! Most is local and all is fresh and delicious, I’ll rarely anywhere else now, I’m spoiled

– Miranda R.

Recently moved from Northern Indiana where farmers markets are the go to place for good quality and priced fruits and veggies. In the last month of being here I was so bummed that the produce from local chain grocery stores were of very poor quality and spoiled within days. It was such a great feeling to find Bearss Groves and experience the great verity of produce. Price is very reasonable as well.

– Jennie H.

I love the variety of fruits they have. Lots of stuff you aren’t going to find at Publix. Quince, persimmons, rambutan, and much more. I try something new almost every time I go.

– Stephanie M.